Lesson 4: The Role of Emotional Saturation and the Law of Attraction

Hello, My name is Art Simkins. I am a teacher of the Law of Attraction, among other things.

In my last lesson I discussed the role of affirmation as a method of saturation in the manifesting cycle. In any manifestation, saturation is the key. To align with our desires, we must saturate coherently, consistently, persistently. We saturate with our words, the pictures in our heads and the emotions we feel.

You could think of intention as the car you drive to your dreams. That being so, you could also think of the emotions you carry inside of you as the fuel of your intention. Emotions are powerful drivers in terms of reaching the goals you have set for yourself. Without powerful, emotional desire, your intention is nothing more then an idle, fanciful thought. A thought that will wither away, and most likely die during the combustion phase of chemicalization. You can learn more about chemicalization in Lesson Two.

The emotions you carry inside you on a given topic or desire will more quickly and most accurately determine what you will manifest than any other factor. The role of emotions in the manifestation cycle are well known. From ancient teachings to the positive thinking movement, the proper use of emotions are understood to be of paramount importance in terms of bringing about the desired conditions you seek.

Emotions are vibrational in nature. Vibrations allow access to desired states of consciousness. Consciousness determines reality. The level of consciousness that you emotionally vibrate to is equal to the manifestation you create in your reality.

Happy, gratitude filled emotions bring about harmonious results. Feeling deep levels of appreciation for a person brings about a more loving flow between you and that person. Feeling positive, appreciative feelings about your goals and desires creates access to their eventual fulfillment. You could think of positive emotions as positive goal setting.

Worry, fear, and anger create realities as well. You could think of them as negative goal setting. Worry about anything long enough and it will show up in some form in your life in due season. As the bible says, “My fears have come upon me”.

I saw a Sci-Fi movie with an interesting message. The message was that fear was not real. While danger is real, fear is not. Fear, according to the theme of the movie, was a response created by the mind to react to danger.

Fear, however is a lousy response to danger ( or anything else) as it debilitates you, dis-empowers you and creates lousy outcomes. This is true of every negative emotion. Just as positive emotions vibrate you to positive realities, negative emotions vibrate you to a myriad of unhappy realms such as poverty, sickness, loss, shame, loneliness, danger, destruction, humiliation, betrayal, and the death of your dreams.

Now let me say a few words on being positive here. To clarify, I am not saying that you have to be “positive” and upbeat all the time. That is not possible for a human being to accomplish. Nor am I saying you must  put on a happy face and spend every second eternally smiling at all times. The Law of Attraction only responds to the genuine vibration emanating out of you. You can’t “fake it till you make it” with the universe. Every thought and emotion you issue out of yourself is translated as vibration. These vibrations will take form and come back to your physical reality in like kind as your manifestation.

So what am I suggesting? I am suggesting that you intentionally find ways to increase your happiness and pleasure level. I am suggesting that you find ways to feel good. Feeling good and finding things that make you happy will raise your vibration. A higher, happier vibration leads to easier realities, softer conditions and the fulfillment of your desires.

If you are in a bad place emotionally, you should expect to raise your vibration incrementally moving from your current place of feelings slowly up the emotional scale. It is not advised to try to make a massive, rapid, vibrational jump up the emotional scale. It is hard on your mind and emotions. It will also be difficult to sustain those much higher emotional / vibrational states. Without the preparation of slowly rising up the planes of vibrational manifestation, you will most likely find yourself back where you started. You almost certainly will experience a hard fast fall back down to those lower emotional realms. The slow, gradual course is the best course. Real advancement takes time.

The simplest way to do this is to focus on something that makes you happy or causes you to feel uplifted. Focus first on happy thoughts and memories, allow yourself to saturate to the point that you feel optimistic and joyful.

Then focus on your desired state of being, your desired manifestation, the fulfillment of your dream. Feel what it would be like to have this reality come forth in your life. Live in that positive vibration for as long as you can through out the day. Two particularly excellent times to program yourself are during the early hours of morning ( or when you arise ) and at bedtime. Your brain is generating theta waves naturally during these times more than any other periods of consciousness. In theta, the brain is most receptive to re-programming via affirmations, visualization and the realignment of the emotional states.  In future lessons I will teach you how to enter theta easily and how to program yourself in that highly receptive brain frequency.

In her Book “Feel It Real”, Author Denise Coates offers over fifty exercises to raise the emotional states from negativity to bliss, joy and happiness. These exercises are easy to do and only take a few minutes to perform. Here are a couple of exercises from her book.

An exercise to raise your money vibe:

The game you are going to play is called:

“Since Money Is No Object”.

Take a few minutes and dream big. You now live in a world where anything is possible. Imagine that you can buy anything you want. That means anything. Start writing the words “Since money is no  object and then finish the sentence.

Some examples from the book are:

Since money is no object …..I buy my own race horse.

Since money is no object……I book a tour around the world on a luxury ship.

Since money is no object…..I quit my job and pursue my dream of being a painter.

An exercise to heal your body or lose weight:

This game is called Reason for Physical Well Being….

Think of all the reasons you want to be well or fit.

Once again write a sentence that starts like this;

I want…..to have more energy for my children.

I want…..to love the way I look.

I want…..to hike the mountains of South America.

Here is an exercise to raise your success and happiness vibration:

This game is called “Talk to a Stranger”.

When out of town or on the road, tell a stranger that you have won the lottery, just married your soul mate, got a huge promotion or any other desire you wish to take place in your life. You could tell your story to a gas station attendant, a food server, a cashier. Strike up a conversation and tell them all about your good fortune in a happy and fun way.

Why do we want to do this? Because filling someone Else’s mind with your dream can make it happen much faster. They become co-creators with you. A stranger does not know your current circumstances.

On the other hand, telling people that you already know might create a delay in the receiving of your good because they most likely will doubt that you will manifest your dream. Their doubt can slow you down. They know you are telling them a dream of yours, not an accomplished fact. Most people are uneducated as to the nature of reality creation. And their doubt can act as a negative creation against your intention.

According to Coates, three different lottery winners used various versions of this technique prior to winning their jack pots.

Spend time thinking and feeling anything you desire in a happy way and you are well on your way to having it.

Mastering your feeling nature is something you will do everyday of your life. Do your best and slowly make most of your emotions positive and happy. In time the negative creations you are creating via your negative emotional states will be overtaken with the positive realities you are creating. And as more and more of your realities become positive and happy, you will have more reasons to generate more and more positive emotions. More positive emotions generate more happy outcomes. This cycle will go on and on. This what the bible means when it says “To he who has, more will be given. He who has not, what little he has will be taken away from him”. Whatever you focus on and have consciousness for, grows. Whatever you don’t focus on and don’t have consciousness for diminishes, and in time disappears.

Or as I say the better it gets, the better it gets.

In future Lessons I will teach you methods proven to remove negative emotions at their source and thus put a halt to unintentional negative creations. I will also teach you methods to install positive beliefs and intentions.

My Name is Art Simkins. Thank You for Reading My Blog and Stay Tuned.


About Art Simkins

Teacher of the Law of Attraction, NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Writer, Public Speaker, Business owner, Mystic. Contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your group.
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