Lesson 6: Let Go and Become Happy No Matter What!!!

Hello, My name is Art Simkins. I am a teacher of the Law of Attraction, among other things.


“Nothing is more important than that you feel good”.

……Abraham Hicks

 The system of reality that we experience as deliberate creators is composed of a series of endless vibrational frequencies. These frequencies correspond to an endless series of specific realities. Many of these realities are extremely similar but with small variations. At the same time other frequencies open portals to realities that are wildly different in their nature and possess inherit possibilities unique unto themselves.

Some of these realities are constricting, difficult and painstakingly adverse to smooth navigation. These realities usually offer very little in terms of opportunities to experience the expansive energies of joy, beauty, pleasure and freedom of choice. Most of humanity is stuck in one or more of these low vibrational realms.

Perhaps you are living in one of these worlds right now. A world where you might experience money problems, health issues, unhappiness, relationship distress, a belief that something or someone outside of yourself is keeping you down, etc. This list of human suffering in these lower realities seems to be endless. There are other frequencies however. Frequencies that offer opportunities to evolve, grow, enrich, create and love. Some of these same frequencies offer opportunities for bliss, ecstasy and genuine freedom. These worlds offer a smooth, timely, enjoyable access to money, wealth, creativity, beauty, romantic love, security, career satisfaction and freedom of choice on an ever growing level of fulfilling manifestations.

Understand what I’m about to say and you will be well on the road to mastering the Law of Attraction. Master the Law of Attraction and you master Life Itself!

The vibrational frequencies that open portals to endless realities are in every way created, navigated and dictated by emotion. Emotions or feelings, open and shut the doors to these vibrational realities. In old occultist literature this navigation of the vibrational realms was called “rising through the planes”.

Did you get that?

If not, let me say it in another way.

If want your dreams to manifest, you absolutely must find something that makes you feel good. And you must focus on that until you are feeling really good most of the time. And you need to stay feeling good as long as you can.

Take on and cultivate negative emotions and it will be in those dark, negative realms that you will reside. Keep yourself in an unhappy state and you will spend your years in the unhappy worlds of strife and lack.

On the other hand, the more pleasant frequency realities where love and good fortune are possibilities are aligned with and mastered by a happy emotional vibration. You will need find ways to stay loving, playful and expecting the best. And you will find yourself living a much grander life.

To manifest your desires you must align your emotional vibration to a frequency that corresponds to a reality where your desires can materialize. Align with the right vibration and you will experience your desires coming to you in a harmonious flow, like waves rolling on a shore, one after the other.

You will manifest your dreams as you deliberately pick the emotions that best align you to your desires. To an extent this a continual practice. A playful practice to be sure, but a practice none the less. It takes time to develop this practice of cultivating and residing in positive emotional states. This is especially true if you are in the habit of picking negative emotions and memories to dwell on.

Many teachings on the Law of Attraction state that one must be in a positive state of mind regarding their intentions at all times. That is not really possible. Some days we are fully confident that our desires will materialize, some days we are lacking in faith.

What I am offering you is something quite different. Actually, all you really need to do, is to find anything to be happy about.

If for example you feel excited about your intentions today, then feel your intention’s coming manifestation with love, enthusiasm, and joy as you visualize them in your mind or affirm them vocally.

On the other hand if you are feeling in a dark and brooding place about your desires coming to pass, then shift your emotions to a topic you can feel good about.

It does not matter if your mind and emotions must travel to a good feeling place far away from your goals. What matters most is that you feel good. Feeling good will bring about your desires in your life faster than any other method of manifestation.

If feeling good means staying focused on a happy event from your past, then by all means live in the past for as long as you need to. Let that old memory put a smile on your face and raise your vibe.

If there is an activity, a friendship, or something fun going on in your life right now that makes you happy now, then place your consciousness there and focus on those pleasures and friends. Do something fun with someone fun and get your mind off your problem.

If thinking about something that is coming up in the future softens your vibration, then focus on that.

Spend as much time as you can being happy. Find ways to be happy as much as you can. This will bring your manifestation more quickly to you than any other method. Happiness is a form of love and love is the greatest power in the universe for the manifestation of desires.

A famous occultist from the last century said:

“Lust not after results”.

What he meant was, that one should intend their manifestations powerfully with profound focus. Then, that person needed to find a way develop “amnesia” over their intention, forgetting it completely. This would allow the universe to bring it to them in it’s own time and place.

Easily said, but difficult to do. Let me give you a more doable formula.

1.Strongly Intend.

2. Let it go as best you can. When you think about your intention, bless it with love and happy anticipation.

3. And Be Happy in any way you can, as much and as often as you can.

Three Steps to an Intention

Pushing and stressing over the manifestation of your desire is the fastest way to slow down the appearance of it. Trust me on this one!

Your job is to intend and allow your desires into you life. How, whys and when those desires will show up is the job of the universe.

Ultimately, it is the universe’s job to bring about your desires into form and substance. Only the universe has the intelligence, the resources, the abilities, and the forces at it’s disposal to make your dreams come true in the very best way for you. (If you like the word God, use that in place of the word universe).

Our part is to ask or to intend first. Any and every desire, spoken or felt is an intention or a form of asking. Every desire you feel is a form of asking to the universe. So when we cultivate feeling good as a lifestyle, we are offering a more positive form of asking more of the time. Thus we manifest a better set of manifestations more of the time.

The universe always says yes to our intentions and our asking all of the time. It goes to work to make our dreams come true. This process takes time, however. The matrix must be reloaded to conform to this new reality. This will cause combustion in your world as the needed changes in the various realms take place as they must. This process of chemicalization is needed for your dream to come to pass. (See previous lessons on this blog to understand the process of chemicalization).

Then it is our part again in the intention process. We now must allow our good to come to us. To do this, we must align with a soft, easy, unattached, and open vibration. That allows those new realities, people and things to show up, naturally and effortlessly. Just like Magic!

So, remember those three steps of every intention:

1. We Ask. Every time we desire, crave, intend or fear, we are asking.

2. The Universe say yes. All of the time. Every time. And then it goes to work to bring it to you.

3.  We allow that desire to come to us. This allowing our good to come to us, is the art we must master, if we want results coming to us in regular predictable manifestations. Learning to allow requires a soft vibration that happily expects the best to happen in our lives. We must let go of our fear, our worries, and any belief that we can’t have what we want.

Letting Go with the Power of Divine Love


Emma Curtis Hopkins

When doubts hits you try some Divine Decrees. They can help you let go when you are clinging too much to the outcome of a desire. These decrees can really soften your vibration to a much better place. They will help you remove fear and worry from your emotions. These decrees also allow the greater, more perfect energy of the universe to perfect your situation and bring your good to you in the best possible way.

For doubt, breathe deeply and say this over and over:

 Divine Love brings about the manifestation of my desire in the most loving and happiest way possible under divine timing!

For personal unhappiness, breathe deeply and say this over and over:

Divine Love creates perfect results in my mind, body and emotions now! I experience only Divine Peace, Divine Prosperity, Divine Health and Divine Happiness Now and Always.

For relationship problems with others ( family, love, work etc) breathe deeply and say this:

Divine Love creates loving, perfect results between ( name of person here ) and myself for our highest good now and always! We experience only the best that Divine Love has to offer us.

For money problems breathe deeply and say this over and over:

Divine love creates perfect, miraculous results in my money and financial needs now!!!

Other Divine Love Decrees that could benefit you:

Divine Love sees everything and richly provides everything now.

Divine Love always has and always will meet every need.

I call forth Divine Love to perform any miracle needed in this situation now.

 Divine Love is doing it’s perfect work in this situation now for the highest good of all concerned.

 Divine Love goes ahead of me and prepares the way.

Divine Love is putting me in my true place with my true people doing my true work now.

I’m sure by now you get idea of what Divine Love might do for you. Decree the presence of Divine Love in your life often.

Say these decrees until you feel genuine peace and happiness regarding your situation. Let your worries go. See what shows up in your life. You might get really happy when it does.

Let me give you another technique that you can easily do that will raise, soften and open your vibration for receiving. It is simple and everyone can do it. It has been the subject of scientific studies and has proven benefits. It will improve your health, improve your mood, get rid of pain, and make you more attractive, popular and productive. It will produce serotonin and endorphins that make you feel good. Smiling for five minutes a day (minimum) will raise your vibe remarkably. Even if you have nothing to smile about, smiling will kick start a spiral of emotions that will make you happy.

Strongly Intend. Let it go as best you can. And Be Happy in any way you can, as much as you can. Let your desires show up in their own way, in their own time. The universe has wisdom and it knows what it is doing. Trust. And find ways to stay happy, light and free.

 Finally, in terms of the Law of Attraction:

 Nothing is more important than that you feel good!!!

 My Name is Art Simkins.

 Thank You for Reading and Stay Tuned! And Please Stay Happy!




About Art Simkins

Teacher of the Law of Attraction, NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Writer, Public Speaker, Business owner, Mystic. Contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your group.
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